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About Us
About us

    Biotechnology has regarded as an important and emerging industry in the 21st century. In response to this trend, the Department of Biological Science and Technology was established in 2004 with a goal to cultivate our students into promising professionals in the orchid and the beneficial fungi biotechnology fields.

    The curriculum design is established to help students build a solid understanding of theories and a wide range of practical operations in laboratory. The courses cover a variety of topics, such as physiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, biocontrol products from beneficial microorganisms, agricultural product production, healthy and functional foods, Chinese herbs, bio-energy and bioinformatics. The Department integrates researches with other departments in the College of Health and Nursing and provides many inter-discipline courses.

    The practical application is another focus in the curriculum as well. The Department encourages the staff to keep a tight cooperation with experts and specialists in the industry to enrich professional knowledge and skills, to enhance research capacity and to bring the latest information into classrooms. Through off-campus internships, students are expected to acquire practical abilities and hand-on experience required for competitive workplaces and further academic studies. In addition, students are encouraged to transform knowledge and research results into profitable products, such as facial care products and mushrooms.  

Training objectives

Currently there are regular 4-year program and graduate school. The training objectives for different programs are:
Regular 4-year program - to provide students with solid training in both knowledge and management ability in the field of biotechnology.