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Research Research areas focused on projects aiming at promoting Health Industry usingbiotechnology, including healthy and organic foods, Chinese herb, microorganism,molecular biology, poultry and live stock and bio-fuel etc.

Research areas:

1. Health industry – preventive medicine - includes organic and safe products production, residual analysis and certification, traceability certification of agricultural products, environment-friendly health management and production of animals and plants.

2. Molecular virus and pathology - includes screening biological extracts for anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-Hepatitis B and C and anti-cancers.

3. Biological control - includes microbiology and immunology, pesticide toxicology, environment-friendly control of pests.

4. Flowering and fruiting physiology and phylogenetics - including flowering and fruiting physiology as well as physiology of sometropical fruit species, such as bananas, mangos, sugar apples and wax apples.