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about us


About Biotechnology Department

  Biotechnology is a new and cutting-edge science and technology that has unlocked the door for new and exciting possibilities, such as frontier microbiology, genetically modified organisms, new fermentation process for beneficial microbes, healthy foods, innovative medical cures and energy efficiency, etc., that will change every facet of our lives in the 21st century.

  We aim to provide students with fundamental education and training in biological sciences and specialization in one of the following areas: molecular biology, healthy and organic food, microorganism, Chinese herb and bio-fuel. Students will develop the attitudes, knowledge,and skills required to achieve personal development in the field of biotechnology and find suitable employment in both the public and private sectors.


  The courses and areas of research in the department covers a wide range of topics from physiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, biocontrol products from beneficial microorganisms, agricultural product production, healthy and functional foods, Chinese herbs, bio-energy and bioinformatics.


  The department closely links with other departments in the College of Health,  suchas Nursing, Beauty Science and Food and Nutrition to offer practical inter-discipline courses, such as Organic Industry and Residual Analysis of Agricultural Chemicals, Chinese Herb Used as Food for Health and Beauty Purposes, etc. The department also has very tight relationship with industry sectors. Many research projects and programs are being offered by industry grants and students have good opportunities for internship in industry companies and enhencing their job competition.